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Women Lift is a project committed to expanding the footprint of Michigan businesses owned by Black women. Through financial funding, opportunities and education, our commitment is helping Black women have a greater impact in the world.


Meet the Women Behind the Project

Women Lift Project’s board includes women entrepreneurs in S.E. Michigan with combined several decades of experience, handpicked for their passion, drive and commitment to paying it forward.

Women Lift Project

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-Michelle, Bags to Butterflies

Bags to Butterflies (Detroit-based) social enterprise that reaches out to women re-entering the community from prison. Its primary mission is to provide formerly incarcerated women with transitional employment and training opportunities to help reduce and/or eliminate their recidivism.Bags to Butterflies is channeling the unrealized expectations of formerly incarcerated women into expected accomplishments. For more information, please visit

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-Mozel, Healthyself

Healthyself, Inc. is a Detroit-based organization whose mission is to educate the community about the power and benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Healthyself promotes nutrition science education through research-based programs. The organization’s purpose is to improve health and give people the tools and strategies they need to heal and achieve optimal wellness. To learn more, please visit

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-Leseliey, Detroit Birth

The mission of Birth Detroit is to midwife safe, quality, loving care through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Birth Detroit is led by Black women and shaped by community voices, with the goal of improving maternal and infant health outcomes in our communities. Birth Detroit pairs evidence-based models with a foundation made up of equal parts community, energy, and determination to be leaders in our own care. We dream of a world where birth is safe, sacred, loving and celebrated for everyone.For more information, please visit

Let’s Lift Together

Your involvement can change lives—let’s lift together!

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